Safety Is Always First

DRD’s primary objective for aquatic safety is to provide our clients with the best-trained lifeguards in the industry. How do we accomplish this objective? It starts with the instructors. DRD’s approach involves the utilization of professional educators who are highly-skilled lifeguard training instructors. These quality instructors participate in an annual, comprehensive instructor review program.

DRD has partnered with StarGuard ELITE Institute to provide a highly progressive approach to aquatic safety.
The teaching methodology emphasizes hands-on practice to integrate lifeguard, CPR and first aid training.

DRD lifeguards are annually certified in first aid, CPR for the Professional Rescuer, and lifeguard training.

The Starguard lifeguard training program requires every DRD lifeguard to participate in annual lifeguard, CPR and first aid training regardless of their level of experience. As a result, DRD’s quality instruction coupled with progressive lifeguard training provides for a premier aquatic safety staff.

DRD operates multiple training locations, certifying over 1,000 lifeguards each year.

DRD employs professional educators as lifeguard training instructors.

DRD is sanctioned by the State of Maryland as a pool operator instructional site.

DRD management team regularly attends national educational seminars.