An Experienced Management Team

Our dedicated staff of professionals provides each client with an experienced management team prepared to ensure complete client satisfaction. Each facility is assigned a specific field supervisor, regional director and a staffing coordinator to address the needs of the client.

To guarantee a timely response, the DRD office is open 7 days a week for immediate access to the management team.

DRD’s field management team provides a dependable support network for both clients and lifeguards. Constant communication and teamwork among field supervisors,
DRD lifeguards and our clients is the foundation of a solid partnership. This positive work environment enables the DRD staff to perform their responsibilities in accordance with DRD, client and Health Department standards.

Our lifeguards are DRD’s most important resource. To assure compatible facility placement, we work extremely hard to thoroughly evaluate every lifeguard prior to placement. Since each pool facility is unique, it is our goal to place lifeguards in work situations where their individual skills, abilities and personality most closely match the facility's environment. This leads to a motivated employee with a work ethic that best serves the client’s needs.

Our management style is one of team work with our lifeguards to achieve the common goal of a safe and pleasant pool season for our clients. In addition, a multi-layered approach to supervision provides attention to detail for each facility due to our low pool-to-supervisor ratio.

DRD Pools Management chart


Some of the top level benefits of our multilayered approach include the following services:
  • On-site inspections of each pool a minimum of (3) times per week.
  • Low pool-to-supervisor ratio.
  • Weekly on-site meetings with a designated representative to ensure that each pool is being managed in accordance with DRD, client, and Health Department standards.
  • Computerized clock-in system to monitor on time openings and closings.